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Sweat Shirts

Red 150 Sesquicentennial hooded sweatshirt White & red Sesquicentennial hats

Red 150 Sesquicentennial Hooded Sweatshirt - $44.98

White & red Sesquicentennial Hats - $21.98

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Sesquicentennial Alumni Crew Sweat Shirt (Grey)


Sesquicentennial Alumni Crew Sweat Shirt Grey $34.98

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 Blue Hooded Sweat shirt $44.98 and Blue sweat pants $29.98 


Hooded Sweat Shirt 44.98

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Blue Sweat Pants $29.98 





The time is always now, Howard Sesquicentennial  Long Sleeve Alumni T-shirt


The time is always now

Howard Sesquicentennial

Long Sleeve Alumni T-shirt $27.98




150 Sesquicentennial T-shirt (Red)


Red 150 Sesquicentennial T-shirt 19.98